Friday, August 27, 2010

Uniquely Singapore - Distance Fare System

Recently, our country transport system converted to charging by how far you travel. I believe this system uses the location indicators (installed island-wide) or GPS to locate where you board the transport (bus) and where you alight by transferring the information (1) from the "entry" device to your card and (2) from your card to the "exit" device and (3) your card stored valued will be deducted for the trip you have taken. All these are done by computer system.

As Murphy Law says, "If something can go wrong, it will." system included!

I discovered one instance of overcharging by the system when I did a check on one of the trips travelled.
What I believe is that during the (1) stage, the "entry" device went crazy and informed the (2) stage that I board the bus from "Jurong East" which is much further then the right place/location I boarded. This of course had a wrong deduction on my card stored valued.

Now come to the topic of a "graceful society" - we still have some more distance to go.
With the discovery of the above, I done the following:
a) Went to a ticket office to provide the feedback. The officer just recorded my feedback and issued me a chit.
b) A few days later at the transport headoffice, they did the review and confirm the particulars with me through the phone. The officer still have not decided whether my feedback is valid or not. No word of confirmation or say sorry that they have overcharged - really so difficult to check or they are afraid to commit at that moment.
c) Next, a few days later again, I receive an sms to say they have overcharged and I can get my refund for the overcharged amount from any ticket office. Still the word "sorry" is not in the sms text message.

I wonder whether TransLink Public Relation Office is aware of all these ground level happenings?

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