Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Book titled - the Secret

March 29th, 2007 Hew Lee wrote ...
my daughter, the blogger commenting on the book, the Secret

enlighten reading ...


Focus for the Family said...

Seng Hong wrote: I agree with her about gurus. The Buddha said, “The length of one’s life is one breath.”

Focus for the Family said...

Hee Kuan wrote: …..breathing in and breathing out is the (no) SECRET to staying ALIVE but may not be enough to have a meaningful LIFE.
Quite rightly, lots of “gurus” try to teach us lots of things, e.g. like making money etc, etc … but if it was so easily achievable, why would they have to “teach” and sell books?
This is probably the way they are making their money … there is no other way?

Focus for the Family said...

SP Toh wrote: Maybe the honest answer to Hee Kuan’s question is, HYPE, the short form of hyperbole, a word commonly found in the advertising vocabulary. Hype is a form of dressing up and that’s why most guys won’t pass up on “eyeing” a girl dressed up to the hilt … okay, maybe less would.

You can see in the language of the blogger that she is fighting back, which is a natural thing to do in the circumstances. Still, isn’t blogging all about fighting back in defense of one’s conviction?

On breathing in and out, however, there is a secret and this is in chi kong. Maybe Seng Hong could share this secret to strengthen our chi in old age?

Focus for the Family said...

Choon Peng wrote: Why listen to earthly “gurus” when you should be listening to the one true “guru”, our Creator, God? Who knows the secret better than the one who created not only us but every living thing on earth and the Universe itself?

If you let the Holy Spirit lead you in your life, you will be reckoned to be a Son of God, his heir and co-heir with our Lord Jesus Christ. Then you will understand and believe that He only has our good at heart and will provide for us. And once you believe that God will provide, you will lose your anxiety (i.e. fear) about not having enough and having to strive (read “stress”) for more. Just trust in the Lord and you will have love and peace in your hearts.

This does not mean that Christians will have a bed of roses. Christ himself suffered and paid the ultimate price for our redemption but he rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God. We may have to share in his suffering but we will also share in His glory in heaven. Praise be to God.

God bless you all.

Focus for the Family said...

SP Toh wrote: During school days someone said that to regain our chi we needed to go back to breathing naturally like a new born babe? Breathe in, stomach in, breathe out, stomach out? Like most things we have learned errantly, and some Chinese “Professor” says this is one of the most common thing we have erred while growing up and we have to “unlearn” our method of breathing?
Cheers to everything Chinese!

Choon Peng …Share the belief of John Calvin, 16th century Reformer, and the reality becomes clear “Scripture will only be effectual to produce the saving knowledge of God when the certainty of it shall be founded on the internal persuasion of the Holy Spirit.” (institutes 1.8.1).

Focus for the Family said...

Hee Kuan wrote: But you (SP) are … a guru, everyone’s a guru for something.
There are gurus for doing nothing. Masters of the art of idleness. Maybe I’m one such guru. You can be guru for getting things done by doing nothing … how about that?

Focus for the Family said...

Lohman wrote: You (SP) certainly have a good memory. Yes, I remembered well saying those words as they made an impact on me when I read them in a booklet “Chi Dynamics” by Anthony Wee, a Singaporean Qigong Sifu who now resides in Perth and conducts courses. He does come up to Singapore now and then.

Seng Hong and I are familiar with one of Anthony’s disciple, another Sifu instructor TAN, an former office colleague form MID days (late 1969 and early 1970s). The colleague is based in KL and conducts courses in major cities in Malaysia and regional countries on Medical Qigong. He will be in Singapore in May to speak at SRC. He is also interested to conduct courses over the weekend if there are interested participants.

Focus for the Family said...

Hee Kuan wrote: Has anyone tried this and can give testimony that it works as advertised?
I have heard lots of beginners lauding its merits but don’t you think they are too inexperienced to comment. Unless this “qi” comes to you quickly.
This mysterious “qi” element is difficult to explain and I believe more so difficult to experience. I’m equally curious and would love an honest comment on this.

Focus for the Family said...

hewlee wrote: The key word is hope. We may invest (our time or $$$) in anything and hope the end result meets our expectation, not 100% but at least near to it. There are still a lot of happenings (e.g. in our body and our environment) that have no proper explanation. We have to accept it in order to live with it.