Sunday, September 30, 2007

Uniquely Singapore - Helping the Environment

April 18th, 2007

Starting from 18th April 2007 and every 1st Wednesday of the Month, you have to bring your own shopping bags to do your supermarket shopping. If not, you have to "donate" ten cents, to the environment fund, per plastic bag used to contain your groceries. Alternatively, you can purchase a recycled shopping bag costing about $1 each.

In most Singapore households, especially in HDB flats, our kitchen sinks are not equipped with Food Waste Disposers. We normally "recycled" all our plastic bags obtained from the supermarket to contain all the kitchen waste that cannot go down the sewer system. Plastic bags are most suitable to contain all unwanted kitchen waste, before throwing down the verticle chute or place in the dustbins outside our house.

Hope this small step will encourage us to do more for our environment and change the mindset of those who are still not happy with this scheme by our NEA.

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