Sunday, September 30, 2007

Chung Sy Piin is in town (16-01-2007)

April 5th, 2007 Lohman wrote ...
Chung Sy Piin and wife Emily, residents of Suva, Fiji came and joined us for a weekly lunch at Marina Loft Food Court on 16-01-07. I remembered him well as he was my supplier of the weekly Beano and Dandy comics, which I enjoyed immensely as a kid, in Primary School at Barker Road. We believe our table of 10 made the most and loudest noise in the spirit of fellowship, fun, talk/debate to slow brain death - the phrase crafted by Seow Boon.

Contact was made with Sy Piin through Lim Kee Soon in Kampong Kapor Church, Lohman contacted Sy Piin soon after and invited him & his wife to join us for a lunch in Marina Loft Food Court. Eight of us ACSians were present including Quek Seow Boon, Leong Hee Kuan, Ho Hew Lee, Ng Yew Kwok, Lim Kian Hoe, Dereck Liew, Chung Seng Hong and Lohman.

From the conversation, we learnt that Sy Piin had been away for more than 10 years in Fiji to seek his fortune. We also learnt of an idyllic lifestyle in Suva, capital city of Fiji where shops closed after 6pm. Tourism is one of the biggest revenuw collected from sea activities including diving and fishing. There are also many golf courses for avid golfers. Sy Piin spend his time managing his multi-tasks businesses including the only Golf Shop on the island, IT (Internet Services) and foreign money exchange.

Sy Piin and wife also attended one dinner in Zi Yean Resturant at Lengkok Bahru with a small group of those attended the Tuesday lunch.

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