Sunday, September 30, 2007

Pike Place Market in Seattle

July 21st, 2007
Pike Place Market (Seattle)

In summer of 2007, Pike Place Market is celebrating 100 years since it was opened in August 1907. One of the things the orgnaiser has done is to "place" pig icons, 100 of them (I think), all over the downtown Seattle including in shopping centers. Click, view, to see some of the pig icons.

Pike Place Market is a place for small business with stalls selling fishes around the region (including salmon), home made crafts and other items like dungeness crabs, flowers, fruits of the season, honey, etc.

If you are in Seattle, Pike Place Market is within walking distance inthe tourist area of downtown Seattle, a place worth paying a visit and have a seafood buffet lunch in the variety of resturants and coffee outlets. Short boat rides are also available along the Eillott Bay waterfront.

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