Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Great Cook In

June 3rd, 2007
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On 30th May 2007, a group of 18 (with wives) went to Hwa Luck's residence to have a cook in. Hwa Luck has a commercial-size kitchen, well equipped for the function. Hwa Luck and Bok prepared chilli crab & steamed crab. Choon Peng & Ivy made curry chicken with home-made baguette. Dereck & Bee Geok prepared the fruity stewed oxtail. Our lady, Ethel made chap chye & fruit jelly. Gary & Nellie prepared kuay pie tee.

Our two avid cooks, Lohman and Hee Kuan each prepared sweet corn frikadel with prawn and koo chye with tung hoon & crispy sotong respectively. Janet made some fried chicken and Kimmy Tiong made the red wine chicken. John brought a platter of fruits consisting lychees, grapes, rambutans & strawberries. May Lin brought longans and Seow Boon brought sorbet from New Zealand. Tze Kwang & Diana brought eggplants. Also present in the Cook In were Glenn and SP Toh.

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