Sunday, September 30, 2007

Eric Ng is in town (23-10-06)

April 5th, 2007 Lohman wrote ...
Eric Ng Eik Cheng, a resident in Sydney and working there as a business consultant was home on leave. He agreed to join us for a buffet lunch in the Melting Pot in Holiday Inn Atrium at Outram Road/Havelock Road junction. This coffee house do have senior citizen discount on Mondays and we took advantage of that.

We have a total of 11 persons came to the lunch - Leong Hee Kuan, Quek Seow Boon, Jimmy Tiong, Chung Seng Hong, Ng Yew Kwok, Chan Weng Yew, Ho Hew Lee, Ng Eik Cheng, Lohman, SP Toh and Irene.

The range of food items was extensive - hainanese chicken rice, pork chop, pepper and chilli crabs, japanese sushi as well as the Indian Food items together with deserts. Our group did enjoyed the epicurean cuisine.

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